Versailles Treaty

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Versailles Treaty

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Versailles Treatythe-treaty-of-versailles

  • After the WWI ended, 32 nations who participated in the war came to Versailles on January 18th 1919 to hold the Paris Peace Conference. Countries in the Central Power weren’t invited because they lost for the war. Russia was also not there because it was having civil war between the communist government and the provisional government.
  • S. delegate Woodrow Wilson listed fourteen points to establish fair and for a long period of peace:
    • This is the fourteen points Wilson made, if you want to have a look, please click into this link.
    • However, France and British disagreed with Wilson’s fourteen points that they wanted to punish Germany and ensure Germany wont have ability to start wars.
    • After discussing for six months, Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Versailles) was signed on June 28th

th-6(If you want to have a look at the primary document of Versailles Treaty please click into this link.

  • Because of the treaty, Germany lost their territories and paid reparations to the Alliance under total blame. Also, there were restrictions on military forces for Germany.
  • The Treaty of Versailles was unfair to most of the nations especially Germany so most of them were unsatisfied with the treaty.


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