Soldier’s Perspective

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Soldier’s Perspective

Category : During WWI

At the beginning of the war:

  • Soldiers were willing to attend the war because they thought the war would end in a short period.WWI
  • As the nations’ leaders were preparing for the war, there were lots of propagandas brainwashing the soldiers to participate in the war.
  • Soldiers were brainwashed that they thought participating in the war would be proud.

At the end of the war:

  • Soldiers wanted to stop the war because tens of soldiers were killed or wounded and the living conditions of the soldiers were extremely terrible. For example in the trench warfare there were no clean water, fresh food and even b
    asic sanitation could not be provided.
  • In the last year of the war the Russian soldiers refused to continue fighting because they missed their home and they were tired.article-2386912-1B3361D7000005DC-116_964x905
  • The following was sentence said by soldiers during the war which showed how horrible the war was and how fearful the soldiers wer

“You eat beside the dead; you drink beside the dead, you relieve yourself beside the dead and you sleep beside the dead.”

“People will read that the front line was Hell. How can people begin to know what that one word – Hell – means.”(The Battle of Verdun,

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