Major Battles

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Major Battles

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There were a lot of small battles during WWI but only five major battles. The following were the five main battles during WWI.

  1. Battle of Verdun:
  • This was the longest single war during WWI, started in February 1916 and ended in December 1916. (The Battle of Verdun, co)
  • It was a battle between Germany and French. There were at least 70 thousand casualties resulted from this battle.
  • German Chief of General Staff, von Falkenhayn planned to put a mass of soldiers to Verdun in France to defeat France quickly, but France was well prepared and they had new troops so they weren’t defeated by Germany but kept fighting with Germany in Verdun.
  • Weapon used: flame projectors, gas bomb, tear bomb and bombers.
  • Strategy used: trench warfare.
  • Both Germany and France had huge loss on soldiers.
  1. Battle of Somme
  • This was a battle of Britain and France’s operation to attack Germany and this was the biggest battle throughout the entire WWI that it cost the most and had casualties over 1.3 million.WWI_British_cemetery_at_Abbeville-2
  • This battle was originally aimed to distract Germany’s attention on the battle of Verdun. The battle started in June 1916 and ended in November 1916.
  • Weapon used: tank (this was the first time for Britain to use tanks)
  • Result: no one won but Britain and France recaptured 200 square kilometer land from Germany.
  1. Battle of Jutland
  • This was the greatest naval battle in WWI and it was fired between Britain and Germany.
  • Germany wanted to gain the sea supremacy through defeating Britain in the sea but they failed because Britain had more naval power.
  1. First battle of Marne
  • This happened in 1914, at the beginning of WWI.Battle-of-Verdun
  • Germany was trying to attack France quickly through invading Marne but because of French new troops they failed.
  • The fail of Germany from attacking Marne caused formation of the stalemate on the western front.
  • (If you want to know more information about the stalemate on the western front, please go the menu and then go to the During WWI – Strategy page.)
  1. Second battle of Marne
  • The fifth major battle was the second battle of Marne.Marne
  • This battle started in and May 1918 ended in June 1918.
  • The Second Battle of the Marne was a battle between the Allies and Germany and it ended with the first allied offensive victory of 1918 (Second battle of Marne, com)
  • Because Germany have already been participating in the war for a long time so it was lots weaker than at the beginning. However, as US entered the war, it supported the Allies with fresh troops and more weaponries to fight against with Germany.
  • Because of the fresh troops and weapons, the Allies won this battle and turned the war to a new side that Germany was going weaker but the Allies still had enough power.





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