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Naval race between Britain and Germany


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Militarism was one of the main causes that eventually led to WWI. Before the war European countries kept expanding their army and invent new weapons to prepare for war. Because of that at that time there were army races between these countries and there was a great growth on the total amount of expenditure on military powers (World War I Militarism, Funfront).

The following is a chart presenting the total amount of expenditure on military powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Britain, France and Russia (in million £ )

1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1914
94 130 154 268 289 398



Thanks to its strong army and technology, in this race Germany was in an outstanding place, but it still desired more on seas. As a result Germany had decided to have a naval race with Britain to get the control of sea supremacy. During the naval race British had built a battle ship Dreadnought, which was really strong for naval force. As the first Dreadnought was produced, the naval race became more intense and since then the European countries started practicing more for the preparation of the war and the governNaval race between Britain and Germanyment leaders paid more attention to organization and mobilization of military force.

Moreover, Russia and Austria-Hungry were also increasing their military force. They were competing for one reason which was the control right of Balkans because both of them wanted these abundant island with profitable geographic location.

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